Please, i'm 13 and need advice...
02/12/2010 at 13:28 PM

I'm 13 and just lost a deal of weight, i just want to know how to maintain my weight at school now. I eat 3 meals a day and i'm trying to bring myself to have a snack (eg. a tangerine, packet of rasins or jaffa cake) is there anything you can suggest to help me?

i am proud of you losing all this weight and trying to maintain it this way, just keep your snacks simple, carrot sticks apples and such, a few lowfat crackers etc, you get the hint. having to deal with my own weight problem and trying to lose it at 44, i applaud you that you were able to get it down and trying to keep it down. you can have a small sweet snack once a week as long as you do not overdo it. this way you will not have a too big of a temptation of binging on chocolate and such.


thank you, but it isnt all that easy not lousing weight anymore. my mum thinks i have an overactive thyroid, because i have continued to louse weight past my own goal. at school it's my choice what i have for lunch, and when i was lousing weight i barely ate anything, so now i make sure to eat lunch, but even eating lunch aswel made me louse weight, i just need some help on the average amount of calorie intake per day a 13 going to school should have...

18285's nice to see a young lady that is concerned about healthy eating habits and trying to maintain a healthy weight. Just don't become obsessed by this as you are still growing and your body is going through many changes at this point. I do have some helpful tips on how to keep fit and how to make good choices for snacks. you like any sports? If so, join your sports team, dance, yoga, running, whatever you like. The key to healthy weight management is exercise! Move....move...move. If you don't like sports than try to take a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day. It makes all the difference in the world. Second, choose healthy snacks. One between breakfast and lunch and another one between lunch and dinner. No snacking after 7:30 p.m. Choose foods from whatever is on the outer circle or outer four walls of your grocery store.'s that simple. No processed foods, sugary junk, or fat-laden snacks will ever be found there. Choose fruits, veggies, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese slices, lean turkey or chicken. Mix and match! You can't go wrong with fresh foods that do not come from a box or resemble a cake, candy, cookie, or white-flour item. Whole grains are good too. Look for 100% whole grain wheat breads, maybe some lowfat granola, peanut butter, nuts, or make a nice trail mix to nosh on. I hope these suggestions help you stay on track. Good luck and happy snacking!


Thank you for the advice. 'm nto a big 'sports' person, but i have a nintendo wii at home and use that to keep active, plus i have school and that keeps me walking (it's a big 7-building place). About the snacks i'm now often having 1 snack of either rasins or crackers each day, it's usually after dinner (like after 6.30pm) but my mum's trying to get me to eat more each day, which i'm wary of at the moment.

My genral school day's food is this:

7.10am - bowl of rice krispies and semi-skimmed milk.
(go to school)
1.10pm (school lunch time) - lunch (genrally either tomato pasta, a turkey wrap or turkey baguette).
(come home at 4.30pm)
6.30pm - dinner at home (whatever me or my parents decide on, we like pasta, soups, quiche, spag bol and roasts a lot).
Evening - snack of either rasins or crackers.


I would say that this schedule of food is a bit on the light side for just about anybody and it doesn't seem well balanced enough in some departments. Where are your fruits? You are also terribly light on vegetables here too if this is how you eat each day. This diet is heavy on carbs and starchy breads and pasta and not whole grains. Too much time between breakfast and lunch has gone by and not a single morsel of fruit, veggie and especially protein was eaten in a six hour time span. Raisins and crackers are not an ideal snack unless paired with a protein like peanut butter to round it out. I have two teenagers and they are in tip-top shape. Here's what their food schedule looks like....

7:00 Breakfast 2 eggs, wheat toast, and a glass of Apple Juice or Cereal with fruit and skim milk, and apple juice. Whole-grain waffles with strawberries or banana, skim milk or sometimes a protein & fruit smoothie. Whatever the like and choose. Mix it up!

10:00 Snack while walking to class of whole wheat crackers and cheese or an apple.

1:00 Lunch. This varies and is their choice. They pack their lunch. Usually turkey or chicken sandwich, banana or other fruit, yogurt, carrot stix and dip, and a sweet snack of their choice...(a couple cookies, a muffin, Pringles, Nutri-Grain Bar, granola.)

3:30-4:00 After-school snack. A small cup of soup, yogurts, cheese stix, apple with's their choice.

6:30 Dinner. I make a lean meat or fish, vegetable, and either a whole-wheat pasta or brown rice dish. It is very balanced and we watch our portions.

No snacks after 7:30 p.m. The body will usually turn this into fat stores unless you are extremely active or you work out at night.

We also drink a lot of water. No sodas or sugarey punches or garbage like that. It's the quickest way to rot your teeth and pack on useless calories that you don't need. Water is the perfect drink for all bodies!

My two girls are volleyball and soccer players and they expend a lot of calories. They need a quality diet rich in protein, fruits, and veggies. The carbs must be good carbs or limited. Processed foods are kept to a minimum. They have never been heavy and their metabolisms are fast. The 13 year old is tiny....weighs 85 pounds. The 16 year old is 5'6" and weighs 115. Nobody is ever hungry and in order to keep the body burning must eat the right foods and exercise each day for 30 miuntes or more.

After seeing what you have been need to make some important changes. More fruit. Raisins are almost pure sugar. Choose appple, pear, berries of all types, cherries, or kiwi. Those are your good non-sugarey fruit choices. Veggies....all of them are good, you can't go wrong. Peas, corn, and potato in moderation. Protein!!!! Lean meats like chicken, turkey, lean beef, eggs, nuts,and fish. The serving should be as big as the palm of your hand and at least 3-4 servings per day. Ditch the crackers unless they are whole wheat and combined with a protein and fruit or vegetable. Otherwise, they are useless and serve no real nutritive purpose for your body as a snack.

I hope this helps. You really need to round out this diet that you're on for many reasons. Unless you cannot get these foods because of where you live or finances....then you need to start adding many things to your daily diet. Good habits start when you're young and will save you from illness and aging too early when you're old. I am 42 and look like I'm 32. Food. You are what you eat!


So at school i should vary my lunches (i get school lunch not a packed lunch) to more things like a variety of sandwiches (i'd get wholemeal bread-it's the only type i like) and perhaps a piece of fruit such as an apple or a banana. Then for snacks (timce a day) i could have carrot sticks or a yoghurt or a piece of fruit or a block of cheese?


YES!!! That would be great to vary the diet that you have going. Pick different kinds of sandwiches on the whole-meal bread but stick to healthier choices like turkey, chicken, or tuna. Put it with a piece of fruit or a veggie and some yogurt. All of these things such as fruits, veggie stix, and yogurts are excellent snacks and also wonderful sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and protein in the yogurt. Cheese is another great snack as long as you don't eat too much and stay away from the real fatty kinds. Cheddar, Swiss, white cheddar, monterey jack, and gouda are all wonderful choices. Think of your diet like a color wheel.....the more foods with color you add, the better! I always try to have at least one salad per day. I use lettuce, different colored peppers, cucumber, bean sprouts, some chicken slices, a bit of grated cheddar, and either sunflower seeds (shelled) or sun-dried tomatoes. Then I pick a light dressing and toss it all in a big bowl and have it for lunch or dinner. This way I know I'm getting a colorful mix of vegetables in their perfect un-cooked form each day. It's a good habit to start. Do you have any other questions that I can help you with? I have been checking the website here to see if what I'm saying to you is helping. I hope it is.


Well, i have a couple of other wuestions and worries pecking at my mind. I'm sure this will help me maintain my weight at school, but what about the holidays, i'll be less active (i'll go out with friends and go on my nintendo wii a fair but, but nothing much) which should in theroy mean i need to change my diet to fit my calorie needs. So in school holidays what do you suggest i do about my diet?


Holidays come and go and you need to enjoy them. Don't completely use a holiday as an excuse to eat poorly or binge on tons of junk but you need to enjoy yourself. You're over thinking stuff and that has me a bit worried. Nobody should be overthinking food to the point where it controls or consumes their life. I know you want to keep the weight off but being deprived of good times, good food, and the holiday experience will not help you do that. It will only make you resent having to watch your diet and it will also feel like you are never allowed "treats". Here's what I do.....whenever there is a special holiday or time of the year where food becomes a huge issue, I simply take half. Fill your plate with the normal things everyone else is eating and then take half the plate and set it aside as leftovers to take home or save for another day. Eat the half that remains on your plate. Half. You are partaking in the holiday food but not over-indulging. Also, sip a nice cold or warm beverage through the meal. That helps to fill you up and takes away the hunger as well. Trust me, this works. I also do this when I eat out at restaurants and stuff. My order comes to the table and I immediately ask for a "doggie bag". I then take half the food and put it away to take home. I eat the half portion that is on my plate and it is lovely! See....I'm partaking but not overeating. Keep active all the time. Holidays included. Exercise is the best remedy for watching your weight, building muscle, strengthening bones, and warding off bad moods and depression. Keep moving around even if your vacationing. These are lifelong habits that will become a part of you as you grow up and become an adult. It's also the secret to maintaining a healthy weight. I would know. I lost 65 pounds 10 years ago and have never put it back on since. I was thin as a child, teenager, and a young adult. Then I had two babies and everything went to crap. I worked hard to lose that 65 pounds and I'm never going back to that again! You can do this....but do it right!


Thank you, i know durng the holidays i need to enjoy myself, sit back and relax sometimes, but i can do that with my friends staying active i suppose. Going on bike rides in the summer would be good, and something everyone does too.