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Paying for college
04/23/2008 at 13:46 PM

My stepdaughter, has been accepted to an in-state college, but will live at the dorms at this school, which is about 100 miles from here. The problem is that her father, despite his legal obligation in his/my wife's divorce agreement, is refusing to pay for college, citing, among other things, that he has paid more for the support of their son when he went away to junior college. (My wife was not consulted in those decisions, and despite asking, was ignored). It seems to me that financial obligations toward a child's college education, as spelled out in a divorce agreement, must be adhered to. Am I wrong in this thinking? And will we be forced to go to our family law lawyer to enforce the agreement?

Yes, Your wife should take her ex back to court and let a judge decide responsibility for her daughters college tuition.

The dad signed away his rights to not pay for college, but agreeing to in the degree. Silly him. Go back to court and don't forget to sue for courts costs, etc.