PARENTS: 15 year old alone in her room with her boyfriend?
02/10/2011 at 20:32 PM

ok so heres the deal
im 15 and i want my mother to alow me and my boyfrined in my room together.
i know what you're thinking. omg you're going to have sex!
my and my boyfriend have been together a year and really truly care for eachother. he is very respectful of my wishes and morals.
we havent seen eachother for about 8 months now because i used to live in ohio but now live in southern california. hes turning 18 in juneand is moving out here to be with me. WE STARTED DATING WHEN HE WAS 16! there is only a 2 and 1/2 age difference.
we have not had sex and honestly i dont want to untill im at least 18. so my goal of letting my boyfriend in my room is not to get laid. and your prolly wondering if it is illegal for us to date and no it isnt we just cant have sex.
we want to be in my room to ...
1-give us a tad bit of privacy
2-get away from my parents here and there
3-listen to music ( only radioin the house is in my room)
i understand that there must be rules and i respect that i dont care if they want the door open infact im all for it. they have raised me up to know right from wrong. and yes i have made some mistakes but i learned from them and i really dont want to ruin my relationship with me and my boyfriend
my problem is my parents will not let me do this!
i understand that they are scared we will have sex.
on the other hand i think they need to trust us a little more than that and realize that i do know right from wrong and that i have morals.
he also wants to wait in fear that doing it will make us move too fast and will ruin our relasionship.
i just want some help to help me convince them to let me do this. its not like we havnt been alone before. before i moved we were alone all the time in public, but where i lived public was a deserted feild so what is the difference of letting us be in a room with the door open?