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my son is punk/emo?
01/08/2014 at 19:48 PM

So when my son was younger, he was the star kid at school, he made good grades, always prayed at night before bed..but now he's changed. He got his older sister to take him to get his hair cut really short,and he's started wearing stuff like black and grey striped shirts,leather jackets,work boots,fingerless gloves,ripped jeans,sunglasses. And he always wears multiple bracelets at one time, the bracelets he wears are with rubber hot topic bracelets it studded leather bracelets. He's wanted us to get him doc martens and a bullet belt. And I was looking through his phone oneday and I decided to look through his music and he is listenin to alot of strange bands like dead kennedys,born of osiris,the burning legion,haystak,Nofx,black veil
And suicide silence,he has been quieter recently too and hasn't he has been writing poetry bout sadness and being lonely. I just don't know what's changed him..should I let him stay this way or ban all punk and emo stuff?

punk rock forever

Ha sounds like me as a kid. He's finding a way to express himself and will most likely grow out of it. Encourage him in his writing skills (take classes join creative writing group) maybe something good can come from it.