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My Son cant do anything right in my new husbands eyes
06/29/2012 at 17:31 PM

I have been married for 6 months and once I got married my husbands attitude has changed towards my 14 year old,I feel depressed as I am caught in the middle constantly, He is a quite child and has never giving any trouble, he does tend to be a little lazy and laid back at times and his bedroom is a complete mess, However he cannot do anything right according to my husband. Dont get me wrong my husband is good to my son and when things are good they are very good but im always on edge waiting for my husband to find fault. My Sons biological Father doesnt care and never contacts my son.
Two examples lately are.
1. My sons school report was not as good as usual he grades where ok but down on his last report however the comments on his behaviour where excellent but my husband never acknowledges this, its all about the grades.
2. My husband has painted the home as we are putting it on the markets due to financial issues, we came home today and my husband has spotted two red marks on the kitchen ceiling. My son admitted it was him and that it was not Jam but a putty he was making crafts with my husband called him a liar and told him to F off in an aggressive manner and I just know I will be walking on egg shells for the next week or so and my son will be totally ignored for god knows how long.
I worry about the impact this behaviour is having on my son. I love my Son and My Husband but this is wearing me down so much I cannot think straight.
Has anyone out there any advice as my Husband always thinks his right and he knows best, however if I try to talk to him he just shuts down and get into a bad humour.

Depressed and confused

i was in the same situation with my son. take my advice your husband may love him but still in ways will show alot of anger toward him because he is not his bialogical father. you need to suggest counceling to your husband before your son has anger and resentmant toward him, as my son did his step father and it took us 4 years to resolve it.