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My Kid Wants To Walk and Stay Home Alonr
08/17/2011 at 19:42 PM

My daughter is in 7th grade. She has been going to daycare and hates it. She says it is very embarrasing and says all her friends walk home and stay home alone. I dont really trust her but she keeps on bringing it up. She is very smart and has common sense. She is mature and I know some people who would show up in emergency. She would have to stay home for 3 hours but I dont know if she is able to take care of herself at home. 98% of the reason I am not letting her stay home and walk alone is because I am scared of predators. We live in a relativley safe town but I dont want to take chances.

Is there an after-school program offered at her school? The predator issue is not a problem, but 15 hours a week is plenty of time for an unsupervised teenager to get into all kinds of trouble. I'd show her the statistics and other information about after-school adolescent crime and have a discussion about the real dangers. Make a decision based on her response, and if you decide she can stay home, provide structure for that time: play dates with friends who have parents at home, Girl Scout activities (there is an option for an individual registration if there is no troop that is convenient), 4-H, CAP, community organizations, homework, chores. Perhaps you could get flex-time at work? Go in 3 hours earlier?