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my 16 y/o step son is stealing and doing drugs
08/28/2012 at 05:40 AM

I've been with my husband for 5 years, about 3 years ago my husband son moved in with us, after he ran away from his mothers house, (she also has some drug issues, still to this day), at the time, he just started smoking pot. during the first year he was kicked out of 2 schools and arrested for truancy, twice, as a result he had to repeat 9th grade. During that time he was also stealing from his grandmother, jewelry and money. He stole all of his grandfathers jewelry who passed away a year prior. that summer we struggled with his drug use and stealing. He was basically in the majority of the summer. In October of last year, his 2nd year in 9th grad, he over dosed on klonopins and we talked him into going to a rehab. Which he did, he was there from Oct to April. It took him some time to adjust, 3 months, after that he excelled. After his discharge, it took him about a month to fall back in his old routine. He started smoking k 2, pot and we are not sure if he's doing pills, he started robbing his grandmother again and recently robbed his father and I again, we also caught him selling pills. He is still in therapy, she says more structure and limitations. We have done all this, he has to be in at 10:00 during the week and 11 on the weekends, we made him join a gym, which we take him 3 to 4 times a week, we made him join a baseball team again, my husband takes him to na meetings 2 times a week, he's been punished, phones, computer and x boxes taken away. Nothing is working. We are at a point that we dont know what to do anymore. He won't go back into treatment and we can not force him, he has to agree to it. We are afraid that he is gonna wind up in jail or worse.. does anyone have any advice?