My 16 Year old daughter is wetting the bed all the time and i have put her in diapers
09/22/2009 at 10:10 AM

Please help me, my 16 year old daughter is wetting the bed all the time and so often i have had to put her in diapers. She is to embarrased to go to the doctors so i dont know what else to do. Please help me. 

Endocrinology, diabetes, frequent urination.  Neurology, decreased nerve impulses.  Infection. 

Embarrassed to death to go to the Dr.  Not an option in my household.  Don't tell her you are going.  Just go.  Today.


Support and Hope for Teens With Nocturnal Enuresis
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How Can I Find Support

Finding a physician who is empathetic about teenage bedwetting – and knowledgeable about the condition – is the first step to building a support team for your teen. You can contact the National Kidney Foundation at 1-888-WAKE-DRY for information; they can recommend pediatricians in your area who are skilled at dealing with enuresis in older children.

Next, go online to find local or online support groups where you can exchange ideas with other older children suffering from this condition. Visit, developed by GoodNites® Underpants, which offers information and discussions boards for both parents and children. also offers a variety of articles and discussion boards related to bedwetting. Getting advice from real-life families experiencing nocturnal enuresis can help your own family get through this time.


After reading your blog posting, we would like to suggest another point of view. Diapers only keep the bed dry and often prolong suffering. They do not serve to treat the underlying cause, the deep sleep disorder. We work with the Enuresis Treatment Center. For 32 years, the Enuresis Treatment Center has successfully treated thousands of people from around the world who thought there was no hope for ending bedwetting. Bedwetting, or enuresis, is actually caused by deep sleep, not to be mistaken for healthy sleep. This deep sleep causes a disconnect between the brain and bladder, and the bedwetting occurs as a result. The Enuresis Treatment Center has put together an informative guide to understanding and treating bedwetting. This free bedwetting guide is available to download