my 14yr old stepson was found with a dirty baby diaper in his trash and theres no babies around??
07/12/2012 at 09:45 AM

my 14 yr old stepson has been proven 100% mentally disabled by social security and weve gone thru alot of weird things with him like sneaking food and violent sides and suicidal stuff which hes gotten over that part and him hurting animals and him playing in his own poop well hes slowly getting over those things except the sneaking food thing---he acts like a little kid but just few days ago we found a dirty diaper hidden in a trash can in his bathroom and the trash can was hidden under his sink now theres no babies that have been here at all and we dont know anyone with a baby so my question is could there be a new problem arising and if so whats it called and can we get help for him bc he denies it all like usual but like i said theres not been any babies here at all --please help??

I'd go for counseling for the whole family, individual and group.