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My 12 yr old forged my name
02/06/2008 at 08:58 AM

Help! My 12 yr old (13 in a couple of weeks) came to me last night with a confession that she had forged my name on a discliplinary document from school. She added that it happened several weeks ago and had been bothered about it ever since. I thanked her for finally telling me the truth and questioned her motives. I also reassured her that she shouldn't ever be afraid to tell the truth. Now, I'm stuck with deciding on a punishment (if any). She seemed to think that the guilt she had been dealing with for weeks was agonizing punishment enough. What do you think? Critique / Comments WELCOME!

My brother's 8 y/o son just forged his name on a note because he didn't want to get in trouble. The teacher called my brother at work. Father and son sat down, he explained why this act was wrong, how he would have to appoligize to the teacher and take his punishment - no tv, no computer games, no cd's for two weeks. It has worked so far - hopefully this lesson so early will carry on to the teen years!

As for your 13 y/o, the same ideas would work for you, too ... she is just old enough to realize that what she did was wrong, was afraid you would find out and has guilt. Guilt is caused because of 'her' actions and as such, she is responsible for her actions = a punishment is needed and she will remember. Also, keep tabs with the teacher's at the school - as a step-mom, this has worked great for me because they ALL have email accounts! Good luck to you and yours - Kim in AZ