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mouthy 13 year old daughter
10/15/2007 at 21:47 PM

Any idea's what to do with a mouthy 13 year old? I tried to speak to my x-husband about it and he said to put soap in her mouth. I think not. She is 13 not a toddler!  I realize she is going through all kinds of changing mentally and physically and I can except that , but  I cant stand for disrepect and plain ole nasty from her.  Is my sweet child still in her body somewhere?   HELP.. any suggestions besides soap will be greatly appreciated. 

Keep in mind, she is 13. You will have to deal with some of this behavior. You know, the eye rolling, the huffing and puffing, ect..Pick the battles. But if the disrepect has gone beyond this, try this. Explain to her you will no longer tolerate certain behavior ( example...making rude comments under her breathe, screaming or yelling ect..)Make her aware that the next time she asks for anything , you will say no. ( no money for movies, no ride, no new clothes... whatever it is ) Now when she loses it, She gets one warning to change her attitude and tone.If she settles down, good. If not, the very next time she asks for something, say no. Remind her of her unexceptable behavior and dont back down. This only applies to things she really wants, not rides to school or things to that nature.This has worked for me, especially since they always need money for something!These can be hard years, but hang in there. good luck.


My step-daughter is also 13 and occassionally she has been mouthy and disrespectful. I've found the easiest thing to curb the behavior is to call her out on it.

"You're being rude and disrespectful and you need to think about what you say before you speak"

One time I even made her sit on the steps for a half-hour...a timeout really. She was embarrassed that as a 13 yr old I was giving her a timeout. She was wonderful the rest of the weekend!