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08/07/2007 at 13:34 PM

I have a 17 year old. Other girls have a problem with her , simply because she is thin and good looking and they do not like the way she walks and because she receives alot of attention from her guy friends. She's been called awfull names and has been picked on. She has informed her counselor in regards to this problem and has comfronted these people. She now hates her school and wishes to attend a different school. Her best friend chose the other group so now she feels like she has no friends. Should i send her to a different school?

is she getting picked on only because she is good looking? i think there is a lot worse she could be going through and to be thankful it is something so petty....she should feel good about herself and tough it up. just wait until she gets in the real world.


i am 14 years old....and  my name is brittney .i was friends with my ex boyfriends sister  and about 3 weeks later afther i didn't want to go back out with him . her and her friend made fun of me because i have 9 fingers ! i am a very nice person..i was very nice to them but they keep on . what should i do? they also play on my phone they follow me home?


I had the same problem in HS and I just had to ingnore the harsh comments. The key for my survival (in a very small private, catholic school) was to get involved in organizations where I met other friends, like the national honor society, sports, etc. The more friends I met in my grade and other grades, the less I cared. Even now, years after HS I still run into those mean girls and they're not doing anything with their lives. "Never Been Kissed" is a great movie for this, and really helped me get over caring what other people thought about me, because there's life after high school. Hope this helps! 


Woah! Rewind! shes tall thin good looking.... id feel sympathetic but theres no problem with any one else. just with your daughter. i dont mean this offenively because i am truley a nice person but this girl needs to pull it together. in life confidence counts. you cant controll what people say about you and your daughter needs to gain confidence! if those friends walk away they arnt true friends! she should try reaching out to the weird girls, you knever know where you'll find a friend and also GUYS CAN BE BEST FRIENDS TOO!! join a club, whatever, just get out there. and you. Mom, dont coddle her encourage her and inspire confidence.


hey im 14 too. I think its really wicked that you only have 9 fingers. If you read my posts you'll see i say one thing over and over again: CONFIDENCE IS KEY! if you just go through life thinking nothing will bring you down its gonna be true. i know i sound like a cheezy motivational speaker but dump those friends and find some new ones who acctually care about who you are.