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left work to go to a concert!
07/12/2007 at 17:28 PM

Wow, my son came home last night in trouble  with his boss as he chose to leave work on his 15 minute break to go to a concert...then proceeded to stay for the entire concert before going back to work.  Should I discipline him or is this between him and his boss?? 

Speaking as a parent and an employer, the boss should take this one. I keep hearing that parents need to let teens suffer the consequences of their actions at home  and in the real world. I try to let that happen with the exception of when they are in iminent danger (like driving or getting hurt).


Both you and his boss should discipline him.  He has to understand that there's a time and a place for everything. Leaving work 15 minutes early just to go to a concert is unacceptable. He also needs to learn handle his personal matters around his work and school schedule, as well as to keep a job. If he ever went to look for another job, and a prospective employer calls his boss as a reference, I don't think that he'll get hired. And what if he had a family to support? He has to think about that too as well.

If he had the night off and if you said it was OK, yes, he would have gone to the concert. But keeping a job is more important than going to a concert.

Has your son ever done this before? Has his boss ever talked to him about it? Was your son ever disciplined by his boss?

The two of you should teach him how important it is to keep a job, as well as work around a work schedule.



I have been  in the workforce for the last thirty years, and the one thing that I always learned was to plan things around my work schedule. I have never been disciplined, or even fired, from a job for excessive lateness, absenteeism, or even insubordination. Your son needs to learn this too.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!  No he has never done anything like this before and yes his boss had a good talk with him.  His boss simply deducted 2 hours of his pay and his tips for the night.  He went in on his own yesterday 3 hours early to help out without pay but his boss is insisting on paying him?  As far as mom and dads punishment...we are discussing what to do...any ideas??


I wouldn't punish him at home. He already suffered the consequences at work, and the fact that he went in early on his own accord shows that he realizes the problem of his actions. This is one lesson that he can probably learn on his own. If he falters again, then he loses his job and he will certainly learn then. 


Thanks everyone!  We have decided to leave it with a really good talk and hope that he has learned from this experience.  His boss handled it quite well and he knows we are disappointed in him but are now moving on.  He realizes that he let many people down and genuinely feels pretty bad about his childish choice.