Inappropriate Dancing or just a old man's reaction?
03/07/2011 at 17:12 PM

Not really sure of my question, maybe I need direction to a web site? Anyway big argument with 15yr old over music videos and her dancing like, well lets just say it was pretty suggestive. Last thing I want to do is take away her freedom to dance(what a horrible idea!) but what I cant seem to understand and I have asked her is why does she almost worship these women who frankly don't seem to have any redeeming features, well as role models anyway.

Still not sure of my question but maybe its that I know they're trying to manipulate us males using the imagery. but why would she(and all of her friends) respond to it so strongly? Is this just another piece of exploration or should I really be concerned that she's really not seeing the big picture, just the sales pitch?