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I need help finding book reviews
07/30/2008 at 23:49 PM

Hi, my 13 yr d is an avid reader.  the only problem is that many books it seems for "teens" have inapporpriate material.  She does not want to wait for me to read the entire book before I tell it's okay, but, I want to at least get a brief synopsis telling me what situation are in a book like you can for a movie or tv show.  does anyone know a resource to  find this info?

You might try flamingnet.com

It is run by a father and son team, with the books reviewed by the son and a team of other students. It says their books and the recommendations are "for students between 8 to 18 years old, their parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians who are looking for books to recommend or buy for their children, grandchildren, students or patrons. Flamingnet has lists of both classic books, as well as new titles, that this age group may find interesting and enjoyable."

The books are given a 0-10 rating, and a smiley face content rating.

I haven't tried their site, but it sounds like it might be what you are looking for, doesn't it? (^_^)


Maybe you could ask a librarian. I did not limit the content of the books, I read them along side my kids so we could discuss issues in them. I opened up a lot of subjects that we wouldn't have had an opportunity to discuss so openly. Libraries have more than one copy so this may work. Another idea is a "series" that has particularly good storyline and characters. Now as my youngest son is going into eighth grade (14 next month), he often talks about Language Arts stories he reads or poetry or whatever...history, science...it's a great way to get kids to realize you love creativity of reading and actually know something and "may be a little bit cool."

Our library has reading lists appropriate for different age groups. Ask your local librarian for suggestions. You can even research certain book titles/authors of interest online. I think it's great that you're being cautious about what your daughter reads. It's also great that she likes to read. Keep encouraging her to do so.

With school starting, there may be an accelerated reading list of some sort available through your school or district. Many of those are divided by subject matter that they cover. Or, ask a Literature/Language Arts teacher, depending on the grade and how your school divides the schools up.

You might try finding the publishers websites. They often give brief summaries of their books. Also, your library's website may subscribe to Novelist or other book related databases which will have more information about books your daughter is choosing. Most libraries have a way for you to access these databases from home using their website and your library card. For the record, I also agree with another parent who mentioned reading the books together and discussing any "uncomfortable" or "inappropriate" topics with each other. This way your child knows exactly how you feel about certain issues, and s/he will be less likely to keep secrets from you about the same. Just remember to stay open minded and realize that s/he is still at an age of forming opinions and judgements and in most cases not actually doing these things. In fact, in my experience, talking openly about sensitive issues creates an environment in which teens are less likely to participate in acts of poor judgement. Hope this helps.