I feel like I'm losing my daughter
06/25/2011 at 06:56 AM

My 14 year old daughter has new friends that are involved in a serious amount of drugs. She has confided in me they all smoke pot, drink and have sex. The boys she hangs around are completely disrespectful and crude while I'm on the phone with her. I have had my issues over the last several years, dealing with depression, alcoholism and attempted suicide on my end and think this had a severe negative effect on her.
She recently refused to allow me to pick her up from a friends house and stayed the night without my permission. I want to trust her, but with the crowd she is hanging out with makes me feel she is going to try drugs or drinking. She belittles me and tells me Im crazy and all her friends think so too. She says I was always there for her but now all of a sudden I want to be a mom. I'm lost and don't know were to go from here.