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How to tell my daughter her boyfriend does care for her
05/07/2011 at 02:52 AM

My 18 years old daughter has being dating her boyfriend from almost a year. At the beginning things look normal but lately I had notice that some of the things he does made him looked like he doesn't really care for her as he used to. I have brought up some of these things to my daughter but she always tells me that he does care. Last week they went to a school trip and they spend very little time together. He told her to meet him at specific time to go to the bus together and at the end he didn't show up and went to the bus without her. I really feel that he does care about her as much as she does for him. I feel that is my duty to talk to her and may be she would be able to see it. What should I do and how?
Please help!

I would leave well alone and let her realise this herself. I know as a mother, you don't want your daughter hurt and it is difficult for you not to step in. I have been there often enough with my four children, but believe me, pointing things like this out may only serve to alienate your daughter. She needs to find things like this out for herself, and it will form part of her life experience. You could try talking in general about things and get her thinking about her relationship with this guy. Hope it goes well for you both anyway.