How to fix your teen
06/21/2011 at 14:43 PM

.. start by fixing your self! You, not your kid, are the problem!
I still remember my childhood and all the crap my parents did to make us kids weird, sick, bad, ill-adjusted, etc.
It was always them, not us, but they were perfect and could make no mistakes so we, just like your kids, were blamed and punished FOR THEIR MISTAKES!

Get honest and courageously examine your own behavior, home life, beliefs, attitudes, actions and you will see that YOU are the source and cause of 99.99% of the trouble in and with your kids, teens or not. Blame the other .01% on genetic flaws if you like.

Our parents, not us kids, could have and should have created a happy, loving, respectful, safe home for all of us but they did not! I am sure there were a lot reasons why BUT the bottom line is that they, not us, had the DUTY and right-of-way to make things better or at least BEARABLE!