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Heartbrache for 13 year old daughter....
01/05/2008 at 06:59 AM

I just found this sight, and desperately hope that I get some helpful feedback. My daughter is barely 13 and seems to have great difficulty maintaining friendships. She feels utterly worthless unless she is hanging with friends. I have tried the sleep overs and outings,ect. All of the sudden she absolutely doesn't want to be at home, and likes to tell me everyone "hates it here too"! Some of her past friends just are not interested in hanging out with her though I am unsure as to why?? More often then not, it doesn't seem that parents--other moms are very quick to return a phone call and I have learned the hard way that reaching out to the mothers of most of these girls pretty much blows up in my face and just gets my daughter alienated more!! So I just keep tryting to keep her as occupied as possible and I keep telling her that these issues will get better and to try to love herself more. If someone doesn't wanna hang out with her it is notma personal insult. You cannot please everyone all the time and sometimes you just gotta say forget about 'em! Anyway, all I feel like I do these days is worry about her and how she is feeling about herself and how can I encourage and help her attain the friendships she wants so desperately?? And please God someone tell me it will change soon?? I could defiantely use someone with some experience to give me some advice or tell me that I amm crazy or something?? I hate to see her sad and lonely. When did this all mget so complicated?! What can I do to make it better!??? Thanks for any advice or helpm sent my way

I remember from my own teen-age years that really needy kids are just not much fun to be with.  See if there are any social skills classes, or books at the library, or a school counselor who would be willing to teach social skills.  And yes, you probably have tried, but we all know that kids often listen to "experts" better than they listen to parents.