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first times he hates me
11/22/2011 at 07:46 AM

son is failing math, i had to pick up his book and I was looking thru it ....came across another little book, yes I snooped...he has always written stories about killing death I read it. apparently he hates me and his father, said terrible things..I was devestated! all over the fact that we were to hard on him with his grades. help....I am currently not talking to him, not out of anger, I am just soooo hurt, have nothing to say....what is my nxt step?

It could be that your son has a mental illness. I would take him to a psychiatrist (not a psychologist) for an evaluation. The anger over high expectations is not what concerns me, it is that "he has always written stories about killing, death, etc."

we are going through the same thing with my 15y/o son. Until he hit puberty things were the past 3 years have been an endless ride on the hormone rollercoaster.having worked with mentally and developmentally ill most of my adult life I knew that things were progressing with my son to a dangerous place.we are now in counselling as a group and with my son alone, and my son is on medications for his depression.there is hope that when his hormones level out there will be no need for the meds - but for now we are in a much safer and healthier place.

Thank you so much for your post.