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Facebook and my 13 year old daughter
02/01/2011 at 16:24 PM

Need advice have a 13year old who wnts to have a profile on Facebook and iam worried. I work with 13-18year olds and i know what goes on on these sites and the trouble they cause in school so i was wondering how do i let her have the freedom of facebook and still keep an eye on her and keep her safe? Please any advice would be grateful

At her age, it's reasonable to make her add you as a "friend" on Facebook (or to give you her password), so that you can be a part of her experience and see her activity. You should also sit with her to set her privacy settings, only allowing "friends" to view her information. Set time limits on her usage, and if possible, put the computer in a common area so you can easily monitor time spent. Allowing your child privacy is an important part of growing up, but it is something she can earn after proving to you that she makes smart decisions, and that only comes with age. Visit this article for more tips: http://life.familyeducation.com/teen/internet-safety/57657.html Good luck!

Yes, facebook can be trouble but if you let her just make her add you. facebook is ALL out in the open and is accually pretty clean. don't make her give you her passwordthough because you should be able to give her SOME privacy.

A year and half ago a let my 13 year old have FB. I've regretted it ever since. I have control of her FB because with IM it is not always a safe environment. It's sad that I only know where she is sometimes b/c of what she's written on FB. Sometimes she'll spend 4 hours on FB after school. Her use of FB is out of control. My 12 yo is asking for FB and and no why is she getting it b4 14 years. You need to be vigilant and aware of her friends and what she does. She could very easily block you from certain posts and you'd never know. Create the FB account using your email address and limit her use. Good luck

Me again. FB says you have to be 13 to have a FB account. My daughter was 13 at the time and is 14 1/2 now. She has posts sent to her phone and is quite 'out of control' with FB. Be also aware of Formspring.. That's another website that kids are using, however, it can be anonymous. With phones and computers - kids are nothing like when we were brought up... Sad.