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daughters college weight gain
12/18/2010 at 13:13 PM

Hi, My names Joanne and my daughter is a college Junior. She was always an average size in high school , she is 5'6 and weighed 130 pounds. After her freshman year she weighed in at 136, and I was not concerned about an extra 6 pounds. After her sophomore year she gained a few more pounds and was 142, I bought her bigger clothing and reassured her that she was just filling out. She spent the summer away and this holiday break was the first time I have seen her sense June. She now weighs 162 pounds. This is 32 pounds sense high school. She is getting a double chin, and oviously can not fit in her clothes. She has not talked to me about her weight but I am concerned about her getting fat. How do I tell her that she is fat?

Do not ever "tell her she is fat". Have a discussion with her about healthy lifestyle. If there are health issues in your family such as diabetes or high blood pressure, point that out to her.

Ask her if her weight is an issue to her. Mention that you have noticed that she has put on a few pounds and just want to make sure that all is ok. I put on a lot of weight after I was raped. There may be more going on then just weight gain. Talk to her. Let her know that there is nothing that she can not tell you. Let her know how much you love her and will help in any way you can. Good luck

Perhaps your daughter doesn't have any hang-ups about her weight and if she is happy with her body image, then leave her alone. Only intervene if she does find it a problem. That is the crux of the matter however, ascertaining if she is unhappy with the extra weight. We don't all want to follow the media idea that we all have to be 'skinny minnies'to look or feel attractive or sexy.