daughters college weight gain
12/18/2010 at 10:13 AM

Hi, My names Joanne and my daughter is a college Junior. She was always an average size in high school , she is 5'6 and weighed 130 pounds. After her freshman year she weighed in at 136, and I was not concerned about an extra 6 pounds. After her sophomore year she gained a few more pounds and was 142, I bought her bigger clothing and reassured her that she was just filling out. She spent the summer away and this holiday break was the first time I have seen her sense June. She now weighs 162 pounds. This is 32 pounds sense high school. She is getting a double chin, and oviously can not fit in her clothes. She has not talked to me about her weight but I am concerned about her getting fat. How do I tell her that she is fat?