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daughter is and has been out of control now it has got worse
07/12/2009 at 03:57 AM

im writing this for my friend she has a daughter who is 17 yrs old she just had a baby baby daddy is 14 yrs older than daughter this man thinks this is ok she has been told nothing legal she can do they live in north carolina and now daughter has moved out with old man baby dad .he seems to be good dad to baby as much as she would like to say he isnt ,during labor my friend was in the room along with his sister and him my friends daughter was very mean to her called her lots of names but never once talked to his sister this way it really hurt her feelings she even cried in the bathroom later .this is something very common she talks mean to her family but doesnt his ,his family never does anything to help them and my friend does so much for them ,she is even mean to her siblings at times when they went to hosp to visit but never his family .she is very hurt but will not say anything to her daughter .just tonight everything was going good my friend and 2 of the other kids were trying to visit and see the baby only after everyone had left was her daughter nice but later after midnight when they were leaving her daughter was hungry so she went down the road got some food for her by the time she got back her daughter was on the phone had small words with the baby dad hung up and started in on her mom blaming it on her once again she was hurt but couldnt walk out instead she stay made her daughter stop crying and eat the food then she left ..she doesnt want to loose contact with her new grandbaby but cried on the phone with me telling me she cant take much more of the flip flop mad at her she recieves from her daughter let me say this first the words she called her mom during labor were the " B " word why would she think about being like this to a lady who gives up so much to make sure her children have what they need ? i feel like i should say something but not sure what ! i am finding it harder and harder to keep from saying something to this teen who has made a mess out of her life and keeps treating the woman who is still there trying to help like dirt under her feet .during a visit she took the baby from my friend her mom and told her she couldnt hold her now because holding her to much is going to bruise the baby but when his family cam e in she was willing to let them hold her .she also told her siblings to shut up talking and said she was going to throw them out of the room the siblings are a 12 yr old who is love with this new baby and a sweet 8 yr old who is also they were not even talking or saying much .im just so mad and tired of the treatment they seem to be getting has anyone got any advice on how this whould be handled i feel like at this time mom and siblings need to take a giant step back taken them out of this that keeps hurting them so much

let me add this in NC you only have got to be 16 to consent age sad but true so please dont ask me what she can do legal I already know "nothing is what she can do "