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05/25/2008 at 03:51 AM

I'm a sophomore at my high school, and my parents do not allow kissing during my dates. They do not supervise me during my dates, and I do feel terrible after the date knowing that I've kissed my girlfriend. I would fully understand this policy if I were a poor student - but with straight A's and four AP classes, the only possible thing I can think of is that they are worried about my grades slipping, which I wouldn't allow myself; my first priority, over anything, is my schoolwork.

I would appreciate any advice.

I might want to add that my parents immigrated to the United States (From Bahrain, a small country in the Middle East) when I was about four years old, and that they are both the only other person who they've had relations with. However, they've adapted completely to this culture and way of life.

I do understand your parents' concerns, as I am now a parent. I'm sure they are looking out for your best interests in more ways than one. Not only are they concerned w/ your focus on schoolwork and grades, but they also don't want to see you engaging in relationships that can easily lead to more than just kissing. You're still young, and although you have a right to date, spend time w/ your friends, and enjoy some independence, you have to realize that there are rules parents set for their kids for a reason. Your parents want to keep you safe. That's our job. I totally understand how you feel, though. I was a kid once too. Be honest w/ your parents, and communicate your feelings w/ them. This will build respect and trust. Be careful in your decisions. You learn from your experiences, and sometimes have to pay for your mistakes. Your parents know this and just want to see you to make the right choices for yourself. You sound like a responsible young man. Enjoy these yrs now, and continue to do well in school. Good luck to you!