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curfews for 14 abd 15 year olds
04/08/2008 at 16:51 PM

parents, your child is in high school, i have a boy 14 about to turn 15, and a 21 year old duaghter, my duagter tells me my son is old enough to make some desicions for himself, my son isnt a troublemaker, he gets good grades, so i give him a litlle extra trust. i tell him to be home at 11 on school nights and 12 on weekends, am i giving my son to little trust

There is quite a long thread already about curfews which you might find interesting. I think most people have put their opinions on there already. Check it out.

I think 11pm is to late on weekdays I have a 12 year old and when he is 14 he will not be getting 11pm more like 9:30 pm or 10pm It's a school night the later your child is out the more trouble he will get in! You’re giving enough trust I think too much he's not 16-17 he is still young enough to make the WRONG choices!