crappy friends
06/16/2011 at 10:11 AM

This is my first post. When my teen daughter started high school three years ago she didn't know anybody at her public high school because she had gone to a private school for elementary and middle school. She quickly became friends with two girls who have known each other almost their entire lives. She considers them her best friends even though she's always been the "third wheel". I think they are often really inconsiderate towards her and don't treat her like they really value her friendship. They'll sometimes exclude her from plans or cancel plans with her at the last minute when something better comes up. They're all in sports together and the two other girls always sit with one another on the bus to and from events. Never does one of them choose to sit with her. After games they walk together to the locker room and don't wait for her. Yet she still insists they're great friends. I don't get why she puts up with it. I have to bite my tongue not to say to her, "Get a clue, they're treating you like crap". She has other friends she sometimes does things with but still clings to these two. Should I continue to keep my mouth shut about them or when she complains tell her what I really think? It makes me very sad that she doesn't see that she deserves better treatment from friends.