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Cell phones in schools
07/06/2007 at 22:21 PM

Hey All


Here is a great new article about kids having cell phones in schools.  Check it out!




Our school system came up with a good compromise, the cell phones are not allowed to be on during school. Students quickly learn to remember to turn them off or leave them in their car. This makes parents feel better about after school activities, and their child driving, knowing their child has a cell phone with them. They tried banning them altogether, but got too much backlash from the parents.

 I have also found that students with very poor memories (like severe ADHD, etc.) do well with cell phones because they have all their parent phone numbers programmed in. If they have to stay after school to make up work, and the number I have for the parent's work is an old one, they whip out their cell phone and tell me the right number.  In addition, they are so forgetful, that I don't think the parents could stand it if they didn't know they could call them when they weren't where they were supposed to be. Very few students abuse the cell phone policy. It appears to work well.  As a parent, I am very glad my son carries one with him as well.  


cell phones in school should alway be handed in to reception on arrival to the school and picked up at the end of the day, my daughters school has banned them  but they cant search the kids on arrival  so much of them get passed and used at school as i found out only a few days ago  when my daughter asked me to take a photo of a pink limo but could not as memory was full and to my amazment there was rude pic on the phone some of which made me stand back and look again to make sure i see what i was seeing ,i tyhink they sould be totally band


I don't mind them. My daughter is 12. She has a cellphone, but is very closely monitored with it. Her school doesn't ban them, but they are to be off when on campus.

If there is trouble at school, then she is allowed to turn it on to call me. As the school has my work and cellphone, but many of the schools in my area for some reason has blocked numbers it's hard to know who is calling and my work phone doesn't take private calls (company phone system).

She's not allowed to go on the internet on her phone (no net access). She doesn't have the password to access the service provider on the net (home computer) to put on ringtones/horoscopes etc.

She calls me to let me know she makes it to school (she rides her bike or skates) then the phone is off. If I need to let her know I'm late home from work (I'm usually home before she is on a good day) I'll call and leave her a message so when school is out she hears it. She also has no text capabilities on her phone.

So, <shrug>, I have no real qualms with them. As long as we teach them the responsibilities that come with them. I'm ok.


You can tell Dale up there has texting. Did anyone notice his grammar in his comment? In my opinion he should head back to middle school where we live and get in Mr. Doty, the english teachers, class.

It seems to be the norm in this particular forum to comment on content, not on grammar or style. We'll leave the editing to the people who are still in the English teacher's class. :-)

I'm all for phones at school. I think we should have them. One, if anything happens, how would kids have any way of contacting their parents??? what if they die?!?!?!?

Let it go. Most school's have a policy about cell phones. To ban them outright is a step backwards. How are we to teach in a "technological society" if we disallow all our youth the advanteges of our society? Are we supposed to teach them like we were taughjt? I hardly think so. Besides (and for Gods sake....I hope not) if ever there's an emergency, when your son/daughter will need to call for help, this is the best and fastest way we konw of.

In my opinion I think you should have to be 18 yrs. to buy a cell..kinda like a contract not to miss use it and not to txt while driving stuff like that..That way if Parents want there kids ( no matter what age) to have cell phones parents can have access to the account and monitor there kids. My daughter is not allowd to have a cell cuz of nasty txt from boys!!among other things..safety yes but my motto is if you are somewhere where there is not a phone or with someone that has no phone you should not be there. with exception of when she is old enought to drive. She has went to walmart behind my back and bought a phone and was on it til 1 and 2 am on school nights found out from b/f's mom that seen the times on her sons cell bill.She should not have been able to get that phone so easy and this phone had internet on it!! she could have been chating with strangers.Most kids are just not taught to be responsible with cell phones!! and Some kids are.. Mine cant handle it. we have tried once a year since she was 14 and she has never kept it longer than a month.

I say students should have cell phones because... they help teach students about technology and to use technology

To MEAN MOM; who shouldve taught her responsibility? and if you say you have, apparently you have too high standards, and you are far too suspicious of your child. the phone had internet, so what? most she was probably doing with that was checking her myspace or facebook! but you probably dont allow her to have those either. you realize when a child is kept under a parents thumb their whole life, as soon as their free, its like a spring being coiled up and then suddenly released, they're gonna go AWOL on you. Let your kid live a little. they're only gonna be young once, just because your parents put you in a box, doesnt mean you cant break the cycle. by the way, it sounds like you do enough texting yourself; 'cuz', 'txt', and 'b/f'. You may end up with a lot worse than her buying a cell phone behind your back if you keep smothering her.

I have a few opinions regarding the reponses above. First of all, on the subject, I believe parents should use their judgement and only give cell phones to their children if they prove to be responsible in using them. I fully understand that parents want to know where their kids are, and they're concerned for their kids' safety, but there are other means of handling this issue. After all, what did parents do years ago when there were no cell phones? I'm sure not all parents allowed their children total freedom with no knowledge of their whereabouts. In my opinion, responsible children should be allowed to carry cell phones in school. However, they should keep them turned off and in their backpacks during school hours. If this is not an option, then they could always leave their phones in their lockers where they have access to them in case of an emergency. I also believe schools should enforce strict consequences for students who attempt to use their phones during school hours, in cases of non emergencies. Having a policy and putting limits on cell phone use are not enough. In addition, parents need to work with their children's schools in supporting these efforts. I feel this will make for a better, more productive learning environment, as well as teach our children the importance of responsibility and trust. Off the subject, I'd like to comment on the one poster's remark about Dale's grammar. If you look at your own grammar, you'll realize it's not perfect either. That's not what these boards are about. If a poster wishes to use shorthand, or if he/she misspells a word or two, so be it. I'm sure if a post is not intelligible, the responder will ask the poster to clarify what he/she means. No one is perfect.