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Borderline Personality Disorder
04/01/2008 at 20:01 PM

Hello All,

Is anyone familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder in teens?  I have a 14 year old daughter who is currently incarcerated and seems to be going downhill fast.  I'm wondering if there are residential treatment facilities available that can help.  I am fearful of her and her younger brother is also.

Hello there, depending on where you live... contact your local child protective service, hospital or rehab office. THey will be able to get you in touch with the facility in your area. the fact that your daughter is incarcerated will help because the judge can order treatment and she will have to have some before being allowed off probation. Best bet is to contact any hospital as soon as you can. the facility where she is should also have access to this information and may be able to refer her faster if they too notice a decliine in her personality.

If you are looking for help for your daughter I would suggest a psychologist. Go there yourself first and speak about what is happening, after you feel comfortable with the psychologist, then introduce your daughter. The psychologist will have all the information as to which resources will work best. I would not contact CPS, this is an agency that has torn many families apart when they don’t feel the parents are doing what the agency feels is best for the child.

If she has been officially diagnosed, get a lawyer fast. This is very serious stuff, especially teens. Is she on meds? When was her last med check? Are they being dosed properly at regular intervals? Demand to see the charts. How often does she get counseling? What are their credentials? Do they have the records of her previous counselors? How much experience do they have with this disorder?

I have limited experience with this as my husband was BPD as well as other labels. Meds do not usually work, nor does counseling, until the individual (as with alcohol) realizes that they are the cause of the problems not others. I agree to seeking a residential treatment facility and this may be possible through your county and your school district. The Special Ed. diagnosis is ED (Emotionally Disturbed) and if you are afraid of her, she needs to be placed elsewhere until she has herself under control. I suggest this as a cheaper alternative than a lawyer, until you absolutely need one. You may have to fight like the devil to get these special needs met, but they are available. Special Education is not just for autism, ADHD, or orthopedic needs. It is available for ED as well.

And find a psychologist you both like. If you feel you're not getting anywhere, change therapists, but first let the therapist know your feelings. I've found that some are great at analyzing the problem and then fall short when it comes to advice! Shop around til you find a good one. Don't forget about social workers; they can actually be better in that they are more into "concrete" problem solving; not abstract and endless theories.......