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Anyone got a PMS Terror of a Teen?
02/18/2010 at 12:31 PM

I need to make sure that I'm not the only mother here that might be seeing what I think is a hormonal PMS meltdown from my 16 year old daughter. Do any of you other moms, or dads, have teenage daughters that are Jekyll and Hyde? It seems that when my daughter gets her period, she loses all abilities to be respectful and act decent. From the look on her face, to the things that come out of her mouth, the tone of her voice, and the sheer crap that she does is just ridiculous at this time of the month. It's almost as if every member of our family becomes her emotional punching bag and we take turns dealing with "Her Meanness". Seriously, she gets that mean! My list of adjectives to explain her is not very good....crabby, exasperated, rude, sour-puss, chip-on-her-shoulder, nasty, combative, and selfish. Those are just a few that come to mind easily. I have two girls and they are late bloomers. This one got her period at 14 1/2 so she hasn't been dealing with it that long but ever since it geared up, you can set a calendar by my daughters nasty behavior when her time of the month is here. She has no cramps, no heavy bleeding, she is 100% healthy. I have tried to address the fact that she needs to learn to control herself a little better and she looks at me like I'm a nutball, rolls her eyes, and then something mean flies out of her mouth. Believe me....I'm not a nutball and I know that her little episodes here are noticeable, at least they are to me! Her younger sister will tell me that she is on a mean-streak as well during this time of the month. Does anyone else have a teen like this? Should I do anything or is there anything I can do to prevent Jekyll and Hyde from resurfacing each month in rare form? She is just ridiculous to deal with and at times, I want to lock her in her room with a barrel of Pamprin and tell her to come out in a week when things are better. Sounds awful.....but her attitude goes downhill fast for a week every 28 days! I also have a 13 year old daughter and the thought that this one may be headed for the same kind of dilemma just scares me. She does not have her period yet but sooner or later, it will come. Calgon...take me away!!!!

I've got 2 girls who were not late bloomers, and they're at each others throats at that time of month.They get down right nasty to everyone, and then turn around and burst into tears for no apparent reason. Mine are middle schoolers so I'm expecting it to get worse. My oldest starts high school next year and I'm considering putting her on some form of birth control to help with the mood swings.My youngest hasn't had hers long so I'm hoping the hormones level out. They've both mastered the eyeroll, the scoff, and the "what-ever" and open disrespect is a given at that time of month.Asking them to pick up their socks or asking if they finished their homework can turn into a tantrum or start the waterworks.And I know my oldest acts that way at school as the softball coach asked me to write a permission letter and send some mydol with my daughter to practice. So your not alone, teenage girls everywhere are torturing their families in exactly the same way.

Holy Mackerel! Thank you for replying to me so quickly! Now you have me scared. I have a 13 year old daughter in addition to my 16 year old moody nightmare. I never thought of the two of them going at it all at you enlightened me. Geeeez. Mine are late bloomers, the 13 year old has not had her period yet and we are expecting the same late start as her sister. I cannot imagine having TWO girls acting this way each month. Funny as it is, I actually bought Midol the other day and made the 16 year old take it. She improved. I told her that as long as this continues, that Midol will come out and she will take at least 2 doses per day until her mood improves. A mother has to do what a mother has to do. I can't be made into a victim of my own house! Thank you for your support and for sharing your story with me. I think Calgon needs to take BOTH OF US away!

Hi Girls Mom: You'd think I'd be used to this by now. Obviously not if I'm turning to the internet looking for information or for someone who has a daughter who, in your words (which are the same as mine,) personifies a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde situation. My other descriptive words are similar: mean, disrespectful, miserable and ornery. I've generally had a philosophy that you put up with pain, discomfort or disruptions. Take a Tylenol and move on. No excuses, no wimpy female behavior...tough it out. But this is different. This isn't just mild PMS that one can write off. My 14 year old is a sweetheart until day 23 of her cycle. Then look out. There is a different child living in this house. My daughter also has some mild learning issues and was evaluated at a well known urban Children's hospital when she was 12+. Out of all the things discussed that day, the doc was most concerned about the possible PMS incidents that I was describing. She advised me to keep notes and don't let the situation go unaddressed. She said that in her early years of study that she had done research in the area of young teens with severe PMS and noted that it tends to go undiagnosed and that these kids end up having some miserable times in high school years. So far, my daughter's issue is being handled by our primary doc who put her on a very low dose of the pill. It seems to help with the cramping issue but the jury's out on the behavioral issue. (I guess not for long if I'm reaching out to a stranger. It was a tough night tonight.) Keep in touch if you'd like. It was comforting to read a description that sounded similar and to know that maybe I'm not alone in this battle to try to be a good mom to a 14 year old who, by descriptions she's given, gets hot flashes! Thanks for sharing. PJ

If the PMS behaviors are completely off the chart, check out PMDD on a medical website. I just discovered the info late last night and thought it was worth sharing.

mom here sayibng its normal nothing you can do but help the best way they want you too kk btye

I hope none of you moms get mad at this coming from a teenage girl, but it is very hard to control emotions on your period. I have had mine for about 3 1/2 years and it is just staring to get easier to deal with. The only thing I can say to help is try to not let them get anything bottled up that can come out during their period; anything that is annoying them will probably come out as mean. I know it is just as annoying for family as it is for the girl though, so just stay with her.

Ii am a mum of 5 children and my son is 24 .3 girls at home one 16 now and two 13.Yes it is very normal the only thing i can say is generally they tend to all get them around the same time so you end up getting it over and done with for half the month. Hormones going nuts and this incredible uncontrollable feeling that just takes over then there's tears for no reason . Herbalife... Has a product called DON QUE not the correct spelling but if you call a distributor ask for don que. Get them to take one tablet a day every day it may mess up there cycle at first but don,t worry it will all come together and the kids will feel so much better. They balance the hormones, and all teenage stuff just seams to be easyer and its all natural.I believe some multi vitiams also have it in them. Hope i have helped.. all smiles from here lol....

oh yes my fourteen year old is the total opisite when she has her cycle! i need any suggestions as well.

thanks this site was very helpfull