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17 yr. old daughters friends
05/06/2013 at 16:09 PM

Hi all,
My 17 yr old daughter doesn't hang out with any of her girlfriends anymore, and just hangs out with her guy friends. Sometimes she hangs out with seperatly or all together. There are about 5 boys. I have met them all and seem nice, and such. My husband and I are not comfortable when she is hanging out with the group. I know she is not sexually active with them, just friends. I would feel more comfortable if there were other girls there. Her girlfriends dropped her, because of school issues and other interests. I think she needs girlfriends to hang out with, etc. How can I convince her to hang out with them less. She thinks its ok. But I am concerned about her safety too, even though they are good kids.
Advice please! She says boys are less drama. Really?