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17 Year Old Daughter still wears diapers
11/04/2008 at 02:16 AM

My 17 year old girl has been wearing diapers by prescription for the past 4 years and nothing has improved with her bladder defficiency. Next year will be her last year in high school and she will probably go off to uni. I am concearned about how it will work out with her wearing diapers and all. Any advice?

If she's wise, her underwear will only be her own business. My daughter is a Sophomore at college this year. She has a private room, she showers alone. Last year her dorm had a group of showers, but you could certainly get your daughter into an apartment rather than a dorm.

I'm thinking nobody would need to know that she wears diapers?? I can see why you are concerned, as it would be terrible if she had to endure embarrassment, but I'm sure she is and will continue to be discreat. My sister was always ver modest and I rarely saw her in her underwear.