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is 15 to young....
02/17/2009 at 15:07 PM

is 15 to younge to be pregnant??
my mom was pregnant at 15 && she
says she dont know what to say so
im kinda stuck..plz give me answers??
what should i do bout this..

I'm assuming you are pregnant now? Let me just start by saying if you are not pregnant right now, 15 is way too young and I am happy to explain why I believe this should you wish me to. If you are pregnant right now, you have some tough decisions to make. You need to think about your life and how you want it to be as an adult. A child will change EVERYTHING! Your life right now is about you, but once you bring a child into this world, your life is about him/her. You will give up focusing on your own self development and your child will/should become your FIRST priority. You will have to make sacrafices every day for your child and it will no longer be about what you want, but all about what is best for your baby. At 15 you may be very smart and mature, but be assured, you have not yet developed the skills it will take to raise a well adjusted child. You will need to depend heavily on your mother and other adults to guide you and help you. I was thirty years old with two other children when I had my son and it is still a challenge every day to make the sacrifices I have to for his sake. Be prepared to give 100% of yourself (time, energy, attention) to the wellfare of your child should you choose to keep it. And don't forget about the expense of having a child. One bag of diapers is more than $20.00 and you will need a new bag every week; Plus the cost of feeding your baby. Do you have a small job? Your still going to school at 15 so you can't even get a full time job. This will be as much your mother's responsibility as it is yours. Your mother is still leagally responsible for you and now you are asking her to take on another child. Just understand that your life and your mothers life will become much more challenged with a brand new child to raise. There are adoption options if you are not ready to take this responsibility. If a person is not even able to take care of herself then how can she take care of another life? You probably think you can take care of yourself, but can you even provide food and shelter for yourself? Ponder long and hard before you ask your mother to take on a whole human person. And if she agrees to do this with you then you better be willing to give up ANYTHING for the good of your child!!!!

If you can, talk to your grandma. All families are very complicated. Teenagers who have babies miss a lot of chances to do fun things. The also miss a lot of chances to make it so they aren't poor. Sometimes they don't do a good job taking care of their children just because the teenagers haven't finished growing up. Sometimes, the teenagers don't ever finish growing up, they just get older. This is because their personalities kind of get stuck at the age they got pregnant. Of course, sometimes teenagers do just fine taking care of their children. Sometimes they do grow up. It is very hard to do this. You have to make a decision. Your choices are: A. let your baby have parents who are grown-ups by choosing adoption, B. Grow up fast, always choose what is best for your baby while you rear him or her, C. Abort the baby, which may sound like an easy way out, but get counseling before you choose this option. An adult at school or church may be able to help you find an adoption/abortion counseling service. If you choose B, to rear your own baby, then you probably also have to figure out whether that baby gets to have a relationship with the father. That is complicated, too, but babies who have good fathers have a better chance at happiness than babies without fathers. If you don't stay with the baby's own father, then things get even more complicated.

Do you have a Planned Parenthood Center or other facility near you that can explain to you your options? Look into this before making a decision. You're in a tough situation, but w/out the proper education and knowledge, I'd hate to see you make a decision you will always regret. Way the pros and cons, consider your support systems, ability to work and go to school, how this will effect your social life.... There's so much to think about. Mostly be realistic. A baby is a huge responsibility and takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. Not to mention money. This is not something to take lightly. Educate yourself, and prepare yourself. Whatever you decide, it's a choice you must live w/ for the rest of your life. Good luck.

yess i am pregnant at 15 and im bout to turn 16 && fixing to get married! me and my bf have been together for 3years and we barely ever fight, i think we might of have 2 arguments outaa our whole relationship!! we planned this pregnancy but im just wondering wat other people think!! i love kids so does he and i think we will be a great family:) i understand wat i have to give up after i hav a baby && the things i wuldnt to do

Try to find a Pregnancy Care Center or a Parenting Education Center in your area. I was a very immature 22 when I had my son and have had friends who have been successful having children much younger. If you and your b/f are thoughtful and get as much support as possible you can be successful also.

What classes do you like in school? How old is your bf? What classes does he like in school?

Speaking as a mom of a fifteen year old, and I have just recently had a new baby, I can tell you that my daughter does not want to have anything to do with babies (of her own right now) because she is getting her fill of her brother. maybe you should try to volunteer at a daycare center to see what it would be like. That may not even give you the FULL experience because you can always leave a day care, and you would NEVER be able to leave your baby. You and your boyfriend may get along well now, but things change when added responsiblilty is there. Did you happen to see the show they had where teenagers got to take care of babies for a week. They had to hold down a job, take care of their house, as well as a baby who gave them challenges they never expected. After the show, all of them decided they didn't want kids right now, and most of them even broke up with their boyfriend. Maybe check out the show online? Try talking to a counselor and look into other options. if you want what's best for the baby, you have to consider your situation and where the best place would be for that baby. I wish you all the best!