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14 yo boys
01/02/2014 at 16:24 PM

We used to get along great, sine he was twelve we've continued to grow apart. He's been suspended from school many times now. We just went to court to pay a fine for him getting caught smoking....$150. He was recently caught with a controlled substance, vivanse, at school and now he's suspended for a month. He does fine here at the house as long as he's not being told to do anything. The second he's asked to clean his room or anything that does not directly benefit his situation he gets an intolerable attitude. When I confront this attitude he runs away from home. Today is the third time he's pulled this stunt. The first time he was gone for three days and the second time two. Both times he's done this, my wife and I have sat down with him and told him this is not acceptable behavior now or when he's an adult. When he comes in from this stint I told my wife that I'm going to send him right back out the door and tell him if he can't follow the rules then he's not welcome here. I'm seeking a Dad that is currently going thru or has been thru a similar situation.