14 year old daughters friends have turned on her
01/14/2011 at 20:26 PM

Hi. I have a 14 year old daughter in 8th grade. She is very popular and has had the same group of friends for over 2 years now. This past year has been filled with alot of drama, especially with one of her so called "best friends" (we will call her Mary) getting mad at her one week and then being her best friend the next. This finally blew up last night when my daughter got elected homecoming queen but "Mary" did not. Right after the ceremony, "Mary", who before the ceremony was my daughters best friend, confronted my daughter in front of everyone and said some mean and hurtful things. Of course, now the other friends are following "Mary" and have turned on my daughter. What started out as a great night last night for my daughter turned into one of the worst. She is heartbroken and cried for hours. These are her closest friends and with a drop of a hat they have turned on her. I am heartbroken also for my daughter, and I am so shocked at these girls behavior. I have welcomed these girls into my home for 2 years, taken them places, etc., and I just can't believe all this. My gut feeling is that they are jealous. Most of them come from broken homes, but my daughter has both her dad and I in the home. My daughter is very pretty and is well liked. I don't know what to do. I know in a couple of weeks they might all be friends again, but I honestly don't know if I can welcome these girls in my home again because I am so uterly disapointed in them. All the girls have had there ups and downs with each other over the years, but nothing like this (ganging up on one person and causing so much hurt). I personally would love to call them all up and tell them how ugly they are acting but I know I can't. I am just at a loss at what to do. I get sick to my stomach thinking about how hurt my daughter is. Help!

In order for a family to successfully blend, both adults need to understand that there will be times when things will not be "fair". There is probably no way to explain this concept to him. Either a person gets it or they do not. You and your daughter deserve for you to be able to buy her what she needs when she needs it, without any argument from anyone.


Sounds like dad is frustrated with something and is looking to find anything to lash out at. If the money is not there to do all 3 kids at once, what else can you do? Dad needs to grow up.

Most adults have a general idea that life is not always fair. There were times whenI had to purchase things for my kids, but could not do it all on one paycheck. From an early age I have instilled in them the idea that just because one gets something, does not mean they have to have something as well.

One solution is to save the money until all three can be purchased, but that shouldnt be necessary.