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13 yr old daughter is cutting herself
02/23/2010 at 14:52 PM

As an extremely worried Mom, I don't know where else to turn.
I've recently found out from my daughters school counselor that she has been cutting her arms and has alot of anxiety.
We are very involved parents and we didn't even know this has been going on for over 3 months. I feel so sad and ashamed that I did not know the pain my daughter has been going through.
I opened her computer this morning after she went to school to see what I could find. She wrote a lengthy letter in a word document that made me cry.
She often feels like hurting herself and mentioned hanging at one point. I almost lost my breath.
Where do I go from here? I don't want to lose my precious child.
Have any of you gone through this or have a teen daughter who has triumphed over this emotional age and come out feeling whole again?
Thank you for listening.

Your daughter needs immediate intervention. Did you get any referrals from the school? Have you researched cutting so you can understand her emotional need to do this? This is not about you or how involved you are as parents. Your daughter has a serious emotional disorder and needs to be seen by a therapeutic team qualified to deal with this issue. I have worked professionally with girls who were cutters who with intensive treatment were able to find ways to redirect their need to cut. Medication is often helpful also. Find help for your daughter now.

This may or may not help you in your situation. when I was about 11 years old my own mother down a bottle of Prozac with me and my siblings in the car and then let us out at the end of our neighbor hood and told us it was gonna be okay for us to just walk home which was only about 5 houses away from the entrance. At the time she didn't have custody of my sisters so she only seen them every other weekend and they where there on there weekend when she did this. to make a long story short, she tried to run my step father over with the car, i told him what she had done like 20 minutes earlier and so he called the fire and rescue to come out so she wouldn't over dose the pumped her stomach right there in our little 2 br trailor we could hear everything and I am the oldest so every since them I have had to step up and kinda help them out when they need it whether it be emotionaly or finacially. well it didn't stop there about two years later hse applied to go back to school then about a week later she just flipped the script and locked her self in her room and cut her self up like a freaking ham. I was the only one there the only one who saw it. she then got committed and she ws gone for a full 3 months until she was straight again then a few months later she downed her meds again she was admitted 4 or 5 times before she understood that NO MATTER how bad she wanted to just let go we were not gonna let her PERIOD. she still flips out sometimes but she calls me when ever she gets down and i talk her through everything letting her talk about what ever it is that is bothering her at that moment. anyways they have diagnosed her with bipolar disorder which is there is a 40% chance that you can pass it on to your children. Which this doesn't make it better but me and bother of my sisters have the same medical problems that she has manic depressive, suicidal thoughts, the flipping out, and my little sister admited to me that she has hurt her self on purpose. I am the only one out of the three of us that just learned how to deal with it and how to not deal with it. I have NEVER hurt my self in no way for any reason. now i can and I will flip out on anyone at anytime for no reason whats so ever and then when i chilled out i feel like a total idiot i just thank god that my husband loves me for me and that he has learned to just ignore me when i get a little crazy but anyways just take her have them run test on her and see if she's bipolar cause if she is even the smallest thing like some girl calling her a name could make her cut herself. i have delt with suicides in my family since i knew what it was i am 22 and i have been dealing since i was about 9. Just last year my cousin at 30 hung him self with his family sleeping upstairs. i mean that disorder can make you do crazy shit before you think about it. it's very serious and i highly suggest you check it out before it is way to late. good luck sweetie