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11/19/2011 at 23:43 PM

Hi my name is Melissa.My son is 6.I recently got engaged before that I was a single mother for 3 yrs.My son and went through a rough time and I had to stay with a family member she only had one bedroom so my son was sleeping the bed with me.I moved in with new fiance 8months ago.My son had a hard time breaking the habit of sleeping with me but he finally did.However in the morning when my fiance leaves for work at 5am he wakes up and jumps in the bed with me.Its like he found out what exact time he leave just so he can sleep with me for 2hrs before we wake up for school.My finace is having a problem with this.He doesn't believe he should be sleeping in the bed with me at all.He is mad and has threatened to leave me because of this.I don't think thedes anything wrong with it.Is he rite?Is this not okay?