Sexually curious?
12/28/2011 at 21:23 PM

my youngest son who is 7 was playing in our bedroom with our 5 year old nephew. They're almost the same height as my son is very small for his age.
I let them play and when i needed to get something from my room, the door was always locked. My nephew came out saying that my son wanted to see his Penis and that it was just a game. He then went into detail saying my son wanted to hug him while their pants were down.
I took this time to talk to my son about how and what he thought of it, and he denied this the entire time.
On another occasion they were also playing in our bedroom with the door locked and my other nephew came out saying "kiss my penis" but he did not say my son kissed his penis.
I've explained to my son how he could talk to me and explained that this behavious isnt accepted and that he cant do this to other children.
I dont know if this behaviour will continue and that this act will become a regular thing. I need help and advice, is it the way i brought him up?
because when he's playing with his 9 year old brother or 17 year old sister, this behavious doesnt occur.
Is it the power he gets when he plays with younger children? I need more of an explanation as this is the first time i've come accross this.
Please help!