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Sexual Curiosity or something else, please help ...
08/03/2007 at 21:13 PM

My 7 year old son was found with his hand in a 2 year old girl diaper by the mother of the 2 year old. She freaked out on my son and kicked him out of her home. The mother is extremely upset, which is understandable but I'm not as upset with the situation. I spoke to my son, who now understands that it was wrong to do what he did. He told us that he did it because he wanted to know the difference between girls and boys.
Is there anything else that we should do at this point besides, reinforcing that other people's private parts are private?

A worried mom

Hey Morningstar


Welcome to the boards.  I would be very concerned if I were either parent.  One of my main concerns would be how much younger the other child was and I would probably talk to a counselor about the situation.  I would also think about getting your son counseling to make sure that this isn't anymore than just curiosity. 




Dear Worried mom,

I tend to agree with you that he was just curious.  I can understand the other mom's shock but she could have handled it differently.  I would first talk to my pediatrician and see what they think (normal or abnormal behaviour).  Good luck!



Morningstar, I've been in a situation with the whole sexual curiosity thing with my own kids, except they were the ones someone else was curious about. It's never fun and I was devastated when it happened. I recommend making sure your son is comfortable talking to you about body parts and sex and all of that. If he's 7 he probably already has an idea about sex. That may sound young but my son had ideas and questions about it at 5. You have to give them the information or they will go and find it themselves whether it's by looking, touching, or whatever. If you want to know more let me know. Hope it turns out well for you. Just curious... how did you react to your son when it happened?


i would not send your child to counseling, you may think it will help see if he was just curious, but pushing forward with such a matter might bring on more than curiosity. try and set things right with the other parent, take the outcome and live with it.

i like what you are saying in the letter. i agree what you are saying in the letter. Annie Michaels

I have a 5 year old great nephew who is just precious, however his parents are having a time with him talking other children mostly girls, we think, into going into a closet are hiding elsewhere and trading peeks. At first his parents talked with him and told him he needed to stop. After the first two times they fussed at him. Then at another childs house he did it again and also peed in a basket of clean clothes this woman had in the childs room. They then punished him and grounded him. They thought that was the end of it. It happened again yesterday with his 5 year old female cousin. (Peeking) This time his mom spanked him. Since this all began other family members have come forward with complaints from other children that he had talked them into doing this and one little girl even complained that he hurt her. These kids,( the parents) are at their wit's end. Can you help? Marie

Why is this child being permitted to be off alone with another child. It's nice to be able to have uninterrupted adult time, but this little guy needs to be watched like a hawk when other kids are around. Thats the first step, protect the other children from anything further, after that has been done, Mom and Dad need to start talking to his Dr about what is happening and think about some counseling for Jr. As for the clothes, he would get a quick course in how to wash and fold clothes. My kids know if the get pee on the bathroom floor, they are going to be mopping the bathroom. it's amazing how they are able to curb their behavior when they have to clean up after themselves. Good luck.

I agree. This child needs counceling. Since this behavior has occured more than once, and since this boy doesn't stop even after being told what he's doing is wrong, something needs to be done. Why isn't anyone monitoring this boy? Especially after this has happened several times, what are his parents thinking? If your nephew seriously hurts another child, charges cld be pressed against his parents. I think this boy's parents need to wake up and not take this situation so lightly. Ok, once, maybe curiously, twice, a bit suspicious, several times, a real problem!

me and my family recently moved to a new town about 5 motnhs ago..its a little bitty town..i work in the dr office both our boys go to oldiest who is 7 has to be in kindergarden for half a year due to being a little he isnt in first grade yet...we have recently had a situation with a little girl..who all yer has been lovey dovey touchy feely with him...the teachers have tried to keep her seperated but didnt consider it a big deal..well this week we found out that during nap time the little girl went in my sons pants and touched his privates...the school isnt doing anything..they talked to the girl adn told her not to do it again...they didnt call the parents nothing...they said she wont do it again and there gonna keep an extra eye on this...i feel ike there not doing enough..i feel like if it was my child the boy who had touched her it would have been handled compltely different and he would be in tons of trouble...adn her parents would be after i over this really no big deal because of their age..what should i small towns people stick together and were technically the outsiders...and cant get any sort of pack up..someone please help me and tell me if im overreacting and this is really no big deal...just kids being curious..

At the very least, you should insist that the teacher call the mother. Tell her if you don't hear from the girl's mother by Friday that you will be calling her yourself. The girl's mother needs to be aware that it is possible the child may have been the target of a predator. Wouldn't you want to know if your child was exhibiting such a symptom? It might be developmental, but it might be something else. DON'T be the source of gossip on this matter. Be able to honestly say that you didn't talk to anyone about it. If the news circulates, it will be from school staff, or from the girl's family.

thats exactly what i was thinking..what if the girl is acting out something...and the school thinks were being stupid my mentioning something like this...but it could be a possibility

It's really important that YOU treat the situation with strict confidentiality.

i understand that for both childrent but esp my own..he is so embarassed about it and upset about it and i would never want to make him feel worst by lots of people knowing...

Dear Marie it sounds like this boy has been told by someone on sexual stuff and it does have some patterns that someone maybe violated him in his private area i would go check and see with the Dr. about it. Matt

When it comes to your 7 year old son the only thing you can do is tell him what he did was wrong and see if you can talk to the other mother and have your son apoligize for what he did hopefully that will solve the problem but about the other mother overly reacting she shouldve taken it differently on that situation and should know that children will be curious and its part of their development to understand.

Today I found out that my 11 year old boy has gone on to the 'naked girls' site on his mobile. This was a shock as he only uses his phone for emergencies and just texting his friends, all of which I am aware of. He only uses his computer for home work and occasionally watching the latest aircraft. Otherwise, he still is a child at heart only playing with his car and plane toys and very interested in aircraft magazines and programmes. So to find what i found today was shocking. Not sure how to tackle this. Any ideas much appreciated.

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