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Omega-3 and Attend. Need info/suggestions.
08/14/2008 at 09:27 AM

I recently started my 5 yr old son on an Omega-3 supplement. It's a chewable, cherry flavored vitamin, but despite the flavor, he doesn't really like the taste. Therefore, I started crushing it and putting it in his juice. This is a pain b/c it's a hard vitamin, not easy to crush. It's also time consuming b/c he takes 3 tablets per day. Any other suggestions on how to disguise the taste? I also want to make sure he's getting the full effect of the vitamin, and I'm not sure if diluting it in juice is the solution.
In addition, I purchased a liquid fish oil (lemon flavored). I wasn't sure which one my son wld like better. I was told that the fish oil is really effective, and for me it's great b/c I only have to give 1 tsp per day and no crushing! Any ideas on how to introduce this product? It's pretty oily so my son won't take it off a spoon. He does seem to like the flavor better, however. Again, I want to make sure he's getting the full effect of this oil.
Finally, I was introduced to a product called Attend. The manufacturer is Vaxa International. Has anyone heard of it or given it their child? If so, I'd like to hear your feedback on it. The product is all natural and is intended as a substitute to medication. My son has some learning, attention and social problems. While used by most kids w/ ADHD, Attend is also taken for these other issues.
I spoke to my son's pediatrician about giving him Omega-3, and she approved the idea. However, she doesn't know enough about it to give advice. I didn't ask her about Attend as I just learned about it. I considered bringing my son to a nutritionist, but it's very expensive, and I'm not sure our insurance will cover it.
With all this said, I'm hoping to get whatever suggestions, advice or info you may have on this topic. Thanks so much!

are you referring to the fat commonly found in fish? if so then it is an essential fat that benefits all people

Yes, and thx. My entire family takes fish oil now. Although it hasn't improved my son's focusing, it has many other health benefits, so we stuck w/ it.

Hi concerned. I know awhile back I had brought the question of omega 3s/fish oil up and wanted to tell you that I asked the psychologist, at a hospital for children who did my son's Autism/ADHD evaluation, about it. He said that there really isn't enough valid research out there to support it helping with ADHD. Our local psychologist does feel that it is beneficial to our brain, heart, and overall health. Can you mix the oil in your child's drink? Maybe you could mix it in applesauce or yogurt. I don't know anything about Attend. I do know a little about the Daytrana patch for ADHD. Did your son ever have an Autism evaluation done? I know you've mentioned about learning and focusing problems in your posts. It might be worth some thought, especially if your insurance will pay for all or most of it. Let us know how things are going. only

Hi Only, Thx for your suggestions. I still give my children Omega 3 Fish Oil in their oj every morning. I haven't tried Attend, but I've held onto the info as it's in the back of my mind as another option to try. Both my husband and I are against prescription meds (mostly my husband) for our son at this time. Even the drs say they don't want to medicate him, although one said we can try it to see if it helps. As for a diagnosis, every dr and therapist we've seen says our son is not autistic or even on the spectrum. They don't even believe he's ADHD, although test ratings show mild symptoms of the disorder. It is believed across the board that our son's problem is language based, and that is why he acts out, gets unfocused, frustrated.... In other words, he doesn't know how to express himself appropriately. The major problem we have is w/out a specific diagnosis, we can't get the exact services our son needs. We keep being told that he can't be tested for a Language or Auditory Processing Disorder (which we strongly believe he has) b/c he's still too young. And w/out that test, the school won't change his program b/c there's nothing to back up that he needs a different style of learning. As long as he's progressing, even if it's very slowly, that's good enough for them. Basically, our school offers one general program for every student w/ special needs, instead of gearing a specific program towards his individual learning style. I believe every child learns differently, but unless teachers are trained in various techniques, they will not be able to reach every child. This is why so many kids today are falling through the cracks in our educational system. I guess all we can do is keep fighting for our children, as hard as it is. I really appreciate your support. It's so much easier communicating w/ someone who I know understands what I'm going through. Thanks.

One of the reasons that they won't test for some things is because the brain structure doesn't mature until about age 8, and until the structure is there, the interventions don't do any good. Imagine going for help, and it doesn't help so you just get frustrated and resistant, and then the brain matures but you are so frustrated and resistant that you won't try anymore.