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my 5 year old nomad
12/30/2011 at 09:52 AM

Does anyone know if staying away from home affects a kindergarten child's development? My grand daughter spends Friday and Saturday at her aunt's house, Saturday night and Sunday at her Dad's house, a week night or two at her Grandma's house, and the remaining time with her mom at her mom's new boyfriend's house. This has been happening since birth.
I am concerned that she doesn't feel a sense security and a place she can call home. Her K teacher has indicated that she has self-esteem/self-confidence issues and I believe, perhaps, that traveling around like a nomad and livign out of a duffle bag is why.
Does anyone have any experience in this area?

Well I think that she might not have a sense of her own schedule and not knowing is really hard for the child, as they grow into older grades I feel like she will want to be in one place . Goodluck!

Being shifted around a lot isn't necessarily the cause. However, inconsistency in schedules (like bed time, homework help etc) can exhaust a child and make them particularly emotional. If the bouncing around is creating stress or if there is any feeling from her that she isn't getting the attention she needs AND she has inconsistency in her schedule it would show up more profoundly sooner. As someone who is not the legal guardian, there may not be a lot you can do except to make sure YOU are as consistent as you possibly can be and as loving. It sounds like you already have a relationship with her teacher! That is great and probably a wonderful asset. Ask your grandaughter why SHE thinks she ____ (fill in the blank with things teacher stated as evidence about self esteem issue). Then, listen, listen, listen.