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mental health 12 years old
01/04/2008 at 13:33 PM

I am seeking advice on how to handle my son's fear issues. A brief history; from age 2 to around 7 he was an emotional wreck. He would describe seeing things, thinking and hearing things that no one else saw. After therapy, meds and much love and patience he seemed to outgrow this issue. He is 12 now and the past few days he has been incredibly clingy. While he is usually independant lately he wont let me out of his sight. I asked him if there was anything going on he needed to talk about and he said no.H is telling me he feel scared but is unable to verbalize what it is he feels afraid of. He makes straight A's in gifted and talented classes, excells in athletics, and seems to have no problem socially.. He tends to be hard on himself so I suppose this could be stress related. I am extremely concerned for his mental health. Can any one offer any advice on how to move forward from here?

im 11 and I get that way too. I hate to go to sleepoverss because I get homesick. Sometimes i just get this feeling tht I want to be with my parents. I dont no why i just do. A scared feeling can come from out of the blue even when your not scared of anything particular. I wouln't be too concerend.


Wilth his history, could he be having some physical thing that is causing feelings of anxiety? Could it be because of caffeine or a decongestant  or an allergy? Could you just call his physician (the one that directed the effective therapy) and find out?  I know that some kids are sensitive to stimulants, and when you go into heart-racing, high blood pressure, even if it's from something you ate, it still feels like fear.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. As a kid with this feeling, is there a certain way you would like your parents to handle that? When my son follows me from room to room trying to act as if nothing is wrong I feel like I should say something to him. But when I bring it up he gets emotional and can't explain what he is afraid of. What do your parents do? What do you wish they would do?


Could it be that your son is suffering from some form of anxiety or that maybe he had something traumatic happen to him that he's afraid to talk about? Or has he been previously diagnosed w/ any condition that these symptoms cld be related to? This is a tough one b/c if he's doing well socially and academically, it may just be a minor thing. I would definitely seek therapy for him, however, due to his past history. You also mentioned meds. Is he still taking meds at this time? You shld ask the dr. about that as well. Keep us posted on how your son's doing.

Your user name is Autistic - does this have any significance? Like Concerned, I wondered if he had any diagnosis for anything? And of course the meds if he is taking any could have side effects eg making him feel a little paranoid etc. Good luck. Hope you get him the help he needs.

My son had those same symptoms and has been on meds continually. Was this boy taken off meds? What you describe could be a type of BiPolar Disorder with Hallucinations. I'm not a doctor. I speak from the experience I had with my son. When he was stressed, he got so clingy that he'd sit on my lap if I sat down. It's not "cool" to see or hear these things, but denial isn't healthy if it's going on. See if maybe the stress of puberty or school or both has brought back the chemical/biological imbalance he had before. If he senses you don't believe in it OR believes that you think that love and patience will solve it, he won't tell you the truth because he'd be saying that your love or his love isn't real enough. Even if it's an anxiety disorder, he needs you to believe in him and what he is experiencing and not judge him or yourself at his expense. I apologize for sounding judgmental, I don't mean to be any more than you would mean to put too much pressure on your son. I am trying to give you the benefit of some experience.

Just comfurt him. Don't not talk to him when he follows you around but don't straight out ask him either. He will feel as though you are pressuring him and he has no answer, so can't make you happy. How old is he? I havent had that problem since I was 11. (I'm 12 now) He might grow out of it. You may be over reacting. -Mjl9334 Future family and marriage counsiler

Hi there! Maybe he is being bullied at school or on the bus. I would take him to your family dr. or maybe even a psychologist to see what is bothering him. Something or someone is causing those fears and the anxiety he has. Good luck. Only

Hi, i suggest you take him to Psychiatrist. I'm not telling that he has mental issues, it's just my dad is also a psychiatrist, and i'm sure you'll be much more relieved and happy if you are told he's all right by the psychiatrist, not anyone else. I think Psychiatrists know better than anyone else (e.g.counselors, psychologists, etc.) Good luck with that!