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How to help obese children
08/29/2012 at 15:08 PM

Dear parents, dear readers,

my name is Anna and I am currently engaged in setting up a telemedicine company together with several hospitals in Europe. We are establishing an online-based program to help obese children finding a healthy lifestyle. During about 2-3 months, the children will be treated by our medical experts (they have around 20 years of experience in this field, on average) through protocols, video-chats and personal communication. We also plan to enrich the platform with special features for kids, such as reward schemes or the integration of the Withings body scale, which automatically sends the measured weight to the kid’s online profile on our website (encoded and safe, of course).

I am aware that raising and educating an obese child is very special; this is why it would be of invaluable help to get to know your experiences, feedback and expectations: what should a perfect service look like to you, as a parent? What are your needs and wishes, so that you would be happy to register your child for such a program?

Please let me thank you in advance for your help and support! :)


i ama mother of a 14 year old girl, that has struggled with her weight sinse she was born we have tried everything that the doctor has suggested since she was 4 and still havent found anything that works properly with her metabolism. i need help she is at 256 as we speak. i dont want pills i want something that will help her in a healthy nutritious way.

Hi Anna, I am interested in your program. Could you please tell me more about it? Please send me email about it on my email adress jmorenoeu (a) gmail . com thank you