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early puberty
07/03/2008 at 09:23 AM

My daughter is 9 years and started puberty. She is 5'5 and the tallest girl of the 5 classes of her grade level. She is really struggling with standing out and wanting to be like her friends.  People comment everywhere we go on her height or how mature she looks. This does not help with how she is feeling. Not sure what else to say to her to make her feel better.  Has anyone else experienced this with their daughter and such a young age? Any advice?

I went to school w/ a girl that matured sooner than any of us in the class. She shot up all of a sudden, got her period at 10 yrs old, and looked very mature for her age. Eventually we caught up to her, and she became one of the shorter girls in the class, even though she looked older and more developed then most of us. Have you spoken to your daughter's dr? She cld be a very early bloomer, or maybe it's a hormone thing. I wld speak to her dr and go from there. Puberty is an awkward stage, and it's always difficult when it comes at a different time then most. I didn't get my period until I was 14, so I felt almost left out of the loop for a while. It all balances out, and I'm sure in your daughter's case, it will too. Be supportive, but don't make a big fuss about it. Your daughter wants to fit in, so help her feel comfortable w/ who she is. Good luck.

You need to search and read about "precocious puberty". After that, take her to be seen by her doctor. We could sit here and guess all day about what it might be. As was said it may be that she is an early bloomer, but there are also severe underlying conditions that can cause such rapid growth, and early development.

As a child, I hit puberty when I was 8. I wasn't anywhere near 5'5" though. I do remember a girl in my elementary class. She was about 5'7". She was the tallest in our class. With all the hormones and everything in our foods, I'm not surprised kids are growing quick. How tall are you and her father?

Thanks everyone. I have talked with the dr. and she said that maybe she will grow 2 more inches max since she started her period already. Her dr. doesn't seemed concerned with hormone problems. My husband is 6'2" so she probably gets her height from him.