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daughter taking hormone replacment pills
04/13/2008 at 15:05 PM

im very concerned, my daughter is 5 years old, and she has been taking my mothers hormone replacement pills for 5 weeks now without me knowing,  she now  looks about 15 now,

im worried about her longterm health, she is sexualy active and I do believe its because of the hormone replacement pills, IM posting this not only to warn other parents but to get some answers about her possible helath problems


So over the past 5 weeks your 5yo daughter has taken pills that have made her look like she is now 15? You also go on to state that your 5yo is also sexually active. Have you ever had something really funny happen, and when you go to tell another person, it doesnt seem as funny? Thats the way your post is. I think you were very proud of yourself for coming up with something so imaginative. The problem is that there is nothing even remotely funny about sexaul activity and a 5 yo child. There is also nothing funny about parental neglect, which is what this would all add up to if it were true. Find another hobby.

the reason she is 5 and sexually active is because her body has grown to that of a 15 year old, its a real problem and I was just looking for some help.

You mean that somebody is having sexual access to your 5 year old daughter, in addition to her regularly consuming over the course of over a month prescription medication? Here's my advice. Find someone to supervise your children. Probably someone unrelated to your family.

To clarify. IF this is really happening, report to the police that your child is being molested. Report to the police that your child has been deliberately poisoned. Take your daughter to the Emergency room and have them do a rape kit, and get a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist. If you wait another second, you are a criminal, too.

she is masterbaiting, she has not been raped and is not having sex with anyone, it has gotten out of hand. she has not been deliberately poisoned, she decided for her self that she was going to take these pills, my daughter would steel them in the morning before anyone was awake, I cant say for sure that she knew what she was doing but it was happing. I wish you wouldnt be so negative toward someone only looking for answers, mabe I should take her to a dr. but im scared to make a newe story out of this thats why I came here.

Take her to doctor, her health is more important than you being worried about making the news. And I have a hard time believing that a 5 year old would take pills regularly over a period of 5 weeks. They don't even brush their teeth on their own.