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09/22/2009 at 13:15 PM

My son is so allergic to peanuts that even being in the same room as a peanut butter sandwich can be very dangerous. I have explained this to his teacher, but she doesn’t seem to take the matter seriously, and has thus far, not made any announcements to the parents of his classmates. This is VERY IMPORTANT. What should I do?

I would speak to the principal of the school. I have heard of lots of schools baning all peanut products because of student allergies. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

I think you need to talk to the teacher first and then, if you aren't satisfied, the principal and maybe even the nurse. This is really important.... as you know! Good luck and keep us posted. Elisar


If you have talked to the teacher then I think it is time to talk to the principal.  A note needs to go home to all the parents in your child's class.  This is a huge issue in school today and I would be surprised if your school didn't already have some plan in place for this sort of situation.

Good luck, keep us posted.



FYI.  I don't have a child with a peanut allergy, but I know of many who do.  I recently learned something that absolutely blew me away.  Apparently Tide laundry detergent uses ground up peanut shells as an abrasive to help clean clothes and get out stains.  I knew of a child who was having an allergic reaction and the parents couldn't figure out why until someone asked them what kind of laundry soap they used.  They unknowingly were washing their son's clothing and bedding in something he was allergic to.  Pass this info on.


I also would recommend that you speak to the principal at your sons school. It is very important that the teacher support you in providing a safe environment for your son.

I would also speak to other parents about your son's allergies. Bring it up on the playground and let it be known that your son is allergic to peanuts.

I have three kids and they all have food allergies. We use labels from (just a note that I'm not affiliated with this company just really like their products... especially their allergy labels) and they have really help in efffort to remind the teacher, caregivers and other kids that my kids are allergic to various foods. I chose these particular labels because they allow you to list multiple allergies if need be and they are complete dishwasher/microwave safe so one you stick on one a lunch box, juice box, snack container, or utensil it's good until you decide to take it off (i've had some an allergy label stuck on my oldest son's lunch box for 4 year and it still looks brand new).

Wishing you the best.



Our nursery is a nut free zone. We make sure that meals and snacks are suitable and have requested parents to make sure that if their child takes their own meals into the Centre, that they observe these rules too. We have a child in our room who is not only allergic to nuts, but also dairy products and eggs. As he is only 2, close supervision is required constantly. All staff are vigilant. I'm not sure of the processes in American schools, but don't imagine they are too different from here. The school has a duty to protect your child from any harm whilst in their care. You need to take this further and get answers.