Potty Training Camp??
07/19/2010 at 18:11 PM

I am thinking about starting my own business but I would like to get some feedback from parents to see if it would even be worth it. I have worked with 2 year olds in childcare for about 5 years. I have potty trained many children including my own and some of my friend's. I have had many successes and have dealt with every potty situation imaginable. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. So, I was thinking of running a potty camp. Most children can be potty trained in just one weekend! So, I would have an orientation on Friday for an hour to talk to the parents and explain what was going to happen. I can give them all of the tools necessary to make potty training a success. Then, on Saturday, the parents would bring their children in from 9 to 2. Saturday will be a fun and enjoyable potty camp where we sing songs, play games and go potty! I will give the parents a detailed contract of what to do on Sunday and the days after with their child. This class is supposed to be the first step towards being potty trained. I will provide phone and email support after the children have taken the class. If the parents have followed the contract and still have no success, they may come back for a free class. I worked with two and three year olds in 3 different daycares and I have had several parents tell me that their children would not be potty trained if it were not for me.
I plan on providing them with a background check and references. I am also going to get licensed and go through all the proper channels to become a business.
I am a stay at home mom now and I really miss teaching my class and potty training was my favorite part. The kids get so excited and are so proud of themselves when they actually go potty, it is amazing!I am confident that this will get the children excited and ready to go potty. My only concern is if this is something people will actually want to do. I have learned a lot from my experience and would like to share this with other parents.

Please leave me comments and let me know what you think!