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Potty Training
04/18/2007 at 14:30 PM

I officially suck at potty training (I'm trained :), but my daughter isn't.) My kid is taking her time. All the other kids at school (really truly) are trained. She will go pee on the potty, but not regularly. Is it because I work, I'm lazy, or my kid just isn't ready? Can that be possible--she's 3? Any tips?

Hi elkesmom, Don't be so hard on yourself, I have yet to see a child show up at college not potty trained. Is your daycare working with her on going potty? If I were you I would work with her at certain times, just have her sit there for a little bit while you sit and talk to her, even if she doesn't think she has to go at that moment. Also, a little reward never hurt anyone, talk to her about big girl panties and that when she is going potty like a big girl she can pick out some really cute big girl panties and when she makes progress then get her the ones she wants. Marti

Check out this informative yet humorous segment on the everpresent perils of Potty Training from DadLabs.com: 

Potty Training!

Look on the bright side, ...it's only pee.



My nephew is just over 3 1/2  and he isn't potty trained yet. Give it time. for my daughter the only thing that worked was telling her that you have to be potty trained in order to have a dance class. We made a chart for about 6 weeks and set a goal for when she wanted to be potty trained by and then every day she got to color the square if she wore underwear and put stickers on for how many times she went potty. We looked at her progress and talked about how long she had left before she wanted to be all potty trained. She was trained about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Take your time. Try to stay positive. Whenever my daughter had an accident and I got upset about it she got worse about potty training and just wanted to go back to diapers. Good luck! You can do it!


Don't try anything when potty training children. They will do it when they are ready and not a moment sooner. I was asking others and reading books, but nothing works until they have decided. I will be the first to say that patty training does nothing but train or make a parent nuts. My son decided on his on at 21/2 that he wanted to wear underwear just like daddy at that was all to it. He wanted to do it with the aid of no books,  or expensive videos. I really believe potty training is about economics. Don't stress yourself or your child with the potty training stuff.