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play fights in the Elementary school
09/05/2010 at 18:50 PM

When kids at school playing games like cops and robbers in which knocking and sit on each other, what should the Teacher to do?
to let them play or stop them?

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My opinion is that it is healthy as long as they understand that it is a game and nobody is getting unfairly treated, ie. others ganging up one on child. As long as children are prevented from using violence when angry (punching/biting) and are shown other ways of coping with anger, physical play is beneficial to their growing, learning and socializing. Matt TheBestForMyChild

I agree with Matt. You mentioned that the children are knocking and sitting on one another. This is a fine line. I don't think that the type of game (cops and robbers) is the issue, but rather how the children are treating one another when they play.

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