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Picky eater
04/18/2007 at 10:55 AM

My son won’t eat anything but peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. I have tried making him (seemingly) thousands of dishes, but he will just sit there and not even look at his plate until I fix him a sandwich. I’m concerned. When he was younger he was a very adventurous eater, but within the last year (he is 7) he stopped eating any thing that “looks weird”. He can’t be getting adequate nutrition – a child can’t live on PB&J!!!

I think this is really normal, even thogh it is really frustrating as a parent. I think you shouldn't cater to him too much. If he refuses to eat what the family is eating for dinner, don't make him his own special meal. Then he'll never feel like he needs to try anything new. Tell him he just needs to take one small bite of something new. If he doesn't like it, fine, then he doesn't have to eat it. Eventually he will expand his culinary horizons. Good luck!

i completely agree -- making a "special" meal just encourages/prolongs the behavior and puts too much burden on parents!


When he is hungry, really hungry he will eat. Actually though, a child can live on PB&J. If you add a drink of milk to that you have a little fruit, some protein, grains and a dairy product. It's much better than many things kids eat, especially if you can make it with preserves instead of jam and on whole grain bread. Maybe you've already tried this but perhaps it would help if he were involved in planning and preparing the meals. At least he would appreciate the work you do a little bit more.  

Also, he is old enough, he should be able to make his own sandwich. That means less hassle for you.