Partner been watchin adult channels
07/27/2010 at 07:47 AM

Hi just need to know if it Is normal for me to be upset bout my partner of 2yrs and father of my baby watchin adult channels , well he ordered one of the cable and claims he didnt watch it out of guilt so we talked bout it and that was the end of it so I thought till 2nights l8r early hours of the morning while I was still laid next to him he put on another one and I woke up and saw it but he denied both times even tho I saw it on cable bill and saw 2nd time on tele I felt upset degraded unwanted ugly you name it I felt it, asked him why he felt the need to watch it as we still have an active sexual relationship and im there for him to have but for a while it dwindled he didnt seem to want me said he was tired but not too tired to watch that I mite add when I asked why he said he doesnt know why apologised and said he could understand why I felt that way but he also said it the 2nd time too,i am on anti depressants and struggle with my confidence as it Is and now I feel even worse. Am I over reacting or am I normal ?